Ambulatory Surgery Center

Our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center is equipped with the latest technology allowing us to perform minimally invasive procedures with the highest level of precision…leading to faster and more comfortable recovery for our patients. 

Comprehensive Urology Care

We provide a wide range of urological services uniquely tailored to meet the healthcare needs of both men and women. Our practice is dedicated to providing the most compassionate care, from routine check-ups to highly specialized treatments. 

Cutting Edge Diagnostic & Treatment Services

  • Cutting Edge Digital X-Ray & CT Scan Imaging
  • Latest PCR Technology for Precise Detection of UTIs
  • State-of-the-Art Outpatient Surgery Center
  • Advanced Laser & Shockwave Lithotripsy for Kidney Stone Treatment

All Under One Roof

All-Day Walk-In Clinic for Kidney Stones & UTIs

We are the only local urology practice offering immediate access for the diagnosis and treatment of painful kidney stones and urinary tract infections…All Under One Roof. 


For over 60 years, Urologic has provided the most compassionate as well as technologically advanced care for our Northeast Mississippi community. Make an appointment today with our dedicated team of highly skilled physicians and advanced practitioners. 


Coming to your appointment prepared can help you feel at ease upon arrival. Please visit our patient forms and fill them out ahead of time so you can bring them with you to your appointment. 


Urologic is recognized as a Center of Excellence for UroLift and Medtronic InterStim procedures, showcasing our commitment to advanced care and exceptional patient outcomes.


Urologic is honored to be affiliated with the most esteemed institutions where excellence and expertise come together.

What our Patients Are Saying: